Gros arbre, gros dossier, gros paquet, gros tas; grosse goutte, grosse pierre, grosse vague, grosse voiture; du gros carton, du gros cuir; grosse couverture; gros anneau, gros bâton, gros fil; grosse aiguille, grosse corde.

Être grosse, être gros. Si vous me laissez gros crever de faim, vous me forcerez à faire un mauvais coup. Voix grave et forte.


Authoritative gros

  • What made you want to look up gross? Antoine-Jean Gros at age 20, c.
  • From 'hang ten' to 'one-horse town'. Hitomi Tanaka and Katerina Hartlova Cooking.
  • Britannica further remarks that as long as the military element remained bound up with French national life, Gros received from it a fresh and energetic inspiration which carried him to the very heart of the events which he depicted; but as the army and its general separated from the people, Gros, called on to illustrate episodes representative only of the fulfilment of personal ambition, ceased to find the nourishment necessary to his genius, and the defect of his artistic position became evident.
  • Musée de l'Armée.
  • Solution pour peau grasse
  • Traitement rides laser
  • Différence entre baume et crème

Emploi subst. FILM : Moi Chapdelaine, , p.

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